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Airbag 2000 plus
_ 6th International Symposium and Exhibition on
Sophisticated Car Occupant Safety Systems

Karlsruhe Congress Center
December 2nd-4th 2002

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    Monday, December 2nd
11.30 - 13.00 Press Meeting
(registered journalists only)
13.00 Opening of the Exhibition
14.30 - 18.00 Workshop "Igniter Technique"
Specification and Standardization (Interfaces, Components, Tests for Reliability)
(Participation on separate invitation)
14.30 - 18.00 Workshop "Airbags - Rescue Operations and Related Risks" adressing Fire-Brigades, Ambulances and Rescue Forces
(Participation on separate invitation)
18.00 - 21.00 Welcome Reception
for all participants
(Symposium, Workshops, Exhibition)
    Tuesday, December 3rd
9.30 Welcome Address and Opening
Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn, Chairman of the Symposium,
Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, D
9.45 Greeting Adresses
Horst Mehrländer
Secretary of State, Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, D
Heinz Fenrich
Lord Mayor Stadt Karlsruhe, D
10.05 V 1 Keynote Lecture
Our Vision of Occupant Protection -
A View into the Future
Jacques Lacambre
Vice President and Member of the Board, Renault, F
10.35 Coffee Break
1. Session Occupant Protection - General Issues
    Chairman: Josef Haberl, BMW AG, D
11.00 V2 NHTSA Priorities in Occupant Protection
Annette M. Sandberg
NHTSA, Washington, USA
11.25 V3 International Product Liability Law -
An Update
Timothy C. Smith
Lungershausen & Smith, Böblingen, D
11.50 V4 Capturing Vehicle Crash Data -
An Information Revolution
Ricardo Martinez
Safety Intelligence Systems Corp., Atlanta, USA
12.15 Lunch Break
2. Session Field Experiences and Technology Strategies
    Chairman: Ricardo Martinez, Safety Intelligence Systems Corp., USA
13.45 V5 The Protection Effect of the Airbag -
Field Experience in Germany
Klaus Langwieder
Institut für Fahrzeugsicherheit IFM, München, D
14.10 V6 Good is not enough - Side Protection Systems Today and in Future
Klaus Friedewald
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, D
14.35 V7 Performance Analysis of Sideairbag Systems in Real Life Accidents
Eckart Donner, Birgit Graab
AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, D
15.00 Coffee Break
3. Session Sensor Systems, PreCrash Sensing and Actuation
    Chairman: Bernhard Mattes, Robert Bosch GmbH, D
15.25 V8 What is Achievable Today and in the Near Future? - Overview on Technologies: Radar, Video, IR
Hans Spies
Ingenieurbüro Spies, Hohenwart, D
15.50 V9 PreCrash Sensing by Use of a Radar Based Surround Sensing System
Michael Bunse, Alfred Kuttenberger,
Marc Theisen
Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, D
16.15 V10 Advanced Sensors for Future Restraint Systems
Thomas Görnig
Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH, Ingolstadt, D
16.40 V11 Technologies for Static Airbag Suppression Systems
Robert C. Jones
Robert Bosch Corp., Farmington Hills, USA
17.05 V12 PreSafe - A Previewing Occupant Protection System
Ralf Bogenrieder, Roland Bachmann,
Markus Woldrich
DaimlerChrysler AG, Sindelfingen, D
17.30 - 22.00 Exhibitors´ Evening: Snacks, Drinks and Talks
    Wednesday, December 4th
4. Session Side Impact Sensing
    Chairman: Werner Schmidt, AUDI AG, D
8.30 V13 New Pressure Sensor for Side Impact Sensing
Boris Adam
Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen, D
Pascal Kocher, Rolf-Jürgen Recknagel
Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, D
8.55 V14 Combining Acceleration- and Dynamic-
Pressure-Sensing for Side-Impact Restraint Activation
Gerd Winkler, Thomas Stierle, Thomas Malbouef
Siemens VDO Automotive, Regensburg, D
5. Session Inflator/Airbag Design
    Chairman: Hubert Kuhlenkamp, TRW ORS GmbH, D
9.20 V15 An Innovative Inflator Designed to Enhance the Performance Characteristics of Roof Rail Airbags
Gregory J. Scaven, David Shilliday, Greg Mowry
Simula Automotive Safety Devices Inc., Tempe, USA
9.45 V16 Textile Innovations for Future Head
Christian Agostini, Philipp Ritter
TRW ORS GmbH, Alfdorf, D
10.10 V17 Service Life of Airbags: A Scientific Approach to Systems Evaluation
Hiltmar Schubert, Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn
Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, D
10.35 Coffee Break
6. Session System Development
    Chairman: Matthias Rabe, Volkswagen AG, D
11.00 V18 Airbag & Belt Adaptive Systems: Development and Performance in Frontal Impact
Farid Bendjellal, Alain Diboine, Gilbert Walfisch
Renault, Guyancourt Cedex, F
11.25 V19 Investigation of Adaptive Vehicle Body Structure Concepts with Respect to Different Crash Worthiness Requirements
Johannes Vetter, Jörg Hoffmann, Albrecht Kretzschmar
Siemens Restraint Systems GmbH, Alzenau, D
11.50 V20 Key Note Address
Active and Passive Car Safety -
An integrated Approach to Reduce Accidents
Erkki Liikanen
Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society, EU Commission Brussels, B
12.15   Poster Session
    Chairman: Hans Spies, Ingenieurbüro Spies, D
_Poster Session
12.50 Lunch Break
7. Session Development Issues
    Chairman: Klaus Kompaß, Autoliv GmbH, D
14.15 V21 Advanced Methods for Inflatable Curtain Development - The Virtual Approach
Gerald Krabbel, Kurt Fograscher
Autoliv GmbH, Dachau, D
14.40 V22 Ringairbag - Smart Driver Airbag Concept
Werner Schmidt, Walter Krönes
AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, D
15.05 V23 Out-of-Position Simulation: Possibilities and Limitations Based on Conventional Methods
Benno Beesten
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, D
15.30 V24 Benefits of Inflatable Belts in Reducing Serious Injury to Vehicle Occupants During Crashes
Said Nakhla
Goodrich Passenger Restraint Systems, Phoenix, USA
15.55 V25 Airbag Deactivation by Automatic Childseat Identification
Wolfgang Hahn, Matthias Brunner
Adam Opel AG, Rüsselsheim, D
Tetsuo Ito
Mazda Motor Corp., GB
Thilo Moerke
Ford AG, Köln, D
Claus-Christian Kedenburg, Michael Virnich
IEE, Luxembourg, L
Manfred Geyer
Siemens VDO Automotive AG, Regensburg, D
16.20 Closing Remarks
    Thursday, December 5th
9.30 - 12.30 Visit of Fraunhofer ICT
    (please tick on your registration form whether you want to participate!)


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