Wednesday, December 2nd, 1998


4. Session: Inflators

Chairman: Hubert Kuhlenkamp,
TRW ORS GmbH, Alfdorf, D

8.30 V 12
The challenges of designing a smart inflator
Paresh Khandhadia, Janie Vitek, Eduardo Quioc,
Automotive Systems Laboratory Inc., Farmington Hills, USA
9.00 V 13
Variable output inflators and their role in tailorable occupant protections systems
Stephen Robbins,
Breed Technologies, Coventry, GB
Challenging igniter technology:
Results of an expert workshop

Hiltmar Schubert,
Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, D
Coffee Break
Panel discussion 'Inflators'
Moderator: Hiltmar Schubert

5. Session: 11.30 Poster Presentation

Chairman: Horst Autzen,
Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg,
Stuttgart, D

Lunch Break

6. Session: New Ideas/Outlook

Chairman: Josef Haberl,
BMW AG, München, D

14.00 V 14
Total Life-Cycle-Assessment as a decision supporting tool: demonstration for airbag components
Peter Eyerer, Norbert Eisenreich, Thomas Hirth, Helmut Schmid,
Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, D
Konrad Saur,
PE Product Engineering GmbH, Dettingen, D
14.30 V 15
Inflatable Tubular Torso Restraint (ITTR) -
Enhanced occupant protection system

Gershon Yaniv,
Simula ASD, Tempe, USA
Coffee Break / Closing of the Exhibition
15.30 V 16
A comparison study of active head restraints for neck protection in rear end collisions
Alexander Heilig,
TRW ORS GmbH, Alfdorf, D
16.00 V 17
Collision Avoidance
Hans Spies,
Ingenieurbüro Spies, Hohenwart, D
16.30 V 18
The Inflatable Carpet (InCa) to protect the foot, ankle and lower leg
Yngve Haland,
Autoliv Research, Vargarda, S
Closing remarks
Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn,
Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, D

Thursday, December 3rd

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